Jake Gyllenhaal Opening Up About Heath Ledger’s Death Will Make You Cry

Brokeback Mountain was a movie that no one can forget, whether that is because of the discussion that was raised by it or the incredible acting from Jake Gyllenhaal and pal Heath Ledger.

It is hard to believe that the movie came out 10 years ago, or that Heath Ledger died 8 years ago – something that affected Jake in a way that changed everything.

Jake opened up in a heart breaking interview in the latest edition of People and Entertainment Weekly.

“Personally, it affected me in ways I can’t necessarily put in words,” he said.

“I think it [gave me] the experience of, ‘This is fleeting.’ And none of the attention or synthesised love that comes from the success of a film really matters at all. What matters is the relationships you make when you make a film and the people you learn from when you’re preparing for a film. That changed a lot for me.”

Watch the full clip below, but make sure you have some tissues handy.