Jamie McDell Talks About Her Upcoming Album And Her Love For Nashville

We spoke to Jamie as she was announced an ambassador for a new BONDS range that celebrates individuality and self-confidence. Of course, conversation had to include her upcoming album, which she is working on (and has been working on) in Nashville in September.

Jamie was also in Nashville in March, and it is somewhere the singer says she loves.  “It’s just how much music is going on there. And I think I was never really exposed to that growing up in New Zealand. You can be in touch with people that play music but not in anyway that they have got there. I felt quiet at home, even though there were no surf beaches.”


‘Thank that plane for my reaching to the sky, I’m here in this golden broken town’ ??

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What was it about Nashville that excited you?

What kind of got me excited as a young person about music and songwriting now looking back was a lot of country and western and I think mainly the things I really love is the strong sense of telling a story and I love the guitar. I also love the really raw, honest voice. Those are the things that drew me to [music] in the first place. Now I am really looking to really get back to those sorts of roots. Nashville is the home of country music so I thought I better check it out and see if it inspired me, and it really did. I actually managed to write this whole record while I was over there because I felt so creative.


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What can we expect from your upcoming album?

It will be very honest, the main thing is that I will be focused on telling stories and leaving it down to a lot of my voice and guitar to tell the stories, maybe not be as reliant on production as I have been in the past.  

There is a lot of women empowerment stories, this wasn’t a preconceived idea that I had. When I talk about stories, I have been getting those from people around me rather than my own ideas lately, that’s kind of due to the fact my life has been happy and normal lately, which is great, but not that great for song writing.

I think it is more that I have gone through experiences with girlfriends and some tough times they have been though which have inspired quite a lot of the songs. Often when I am writing I am trying to see things from their perspective.