Japanese Women are Hiring Hot Guys to Wipe their Tears

There is no shame in crying. You can rent a “handsome weeping boy” to wipe away your tears for 7,900 Yen or $103 NZD. If you need some help to get your waterworks started, he will also sit with you in your work cubicle and watch sad videos with you until you are weeping.

Isn’t this pure ingenuity? Nothing is better than having a hot sensitive man sympathetically wipe your tears away and stroke your hair softly. The Tokyo-based company Ikemoso Danshi  offers an array of tear-wiping models. The company was created by Hiroki Terai, a businessman with a knack for capitalising on the emotional holes of society that need to be filled. One of his previous businesses include providing a formal “I do” ceremony to mark the start of a divorce. Following this business in 2013, he started a series of free screenings of sad movies to make strangers cry in public together. 

He’s an advocate of rui-katsu which means crying or “tear seeking”.

Anyways, here’s some tear-wiping boys that are available for hire if you ever happen to be sad in Japan:


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