Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Diet and Food Habits

In an interview with Bon Appetit, Jennifer Aniston revealed her morning routine and what she eats for breakfast.

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Here’s the interview:

What was the last thing you ate?
Pink grapefruit. Nothing on it.

What’s your typical breakfast like?
I’ve got three different ones. Sometimes it’s a smoothie—bananas, cherries, a protein powder of some sort, almonds, cacao powder, and all sorts of other weird antioxidant stuff I can’t remember—with almond milk. Other times I have eggs over-easy—I crack them into a bowl and I’ll add a white or two into that and pour it all into the pan to get more protein sans too much yolk age. I’ll have that with avocado toast sprinkled with olive oil and salt and pepper. The other option is oatmeal with egg whites whipped into it right at the end.

Weirdest thing in your fridge right now?
We’ve got a huge yam! We also have a bunch of turmeric roots. Those look really gnarly—like a bunch of little fingers.

The one food you’re powerless around.
Tortilla chips. Homemade, really good, fluffy-crispy tortilla chips.

What do you dip them in?
Guac. If we’re trying to be good, what’s the point of having chips at all? But I love salsa on everything. I love Mexican food in general.

What was the best meal you had in 2015?
Our friend brought over some beautiful fresh bacon and we went full boat on our usual lean mean carbonara. It was pretty divine.

Food trend you want to leave behind in 2016?
Bulletproof coffee. Who thought that one up? The thought of it was so horrible I don’t think I even tried it because it just didn’t make any sense.

Cook or be cooked for?
Be cooked for, but I like them both. It’s a toss up.

Do you have a signature recipe?
Pasta is the only one I really, really like to do. The one I make all the time is a lean carbonara. On the pasta, I put eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, and a little sautéed red onion and garlic. It’s simple—no cream, no butter, no oil, no nothing. Sometimes I’ll add a little pasta water if needed.

Ketchup or mayo?
Mayo. Why not? When I was a kid, one of my delicacies was white bread with a generous amount of mayonnaise.

Favorite meal from when you were a kid?
Besides mayo on white bread? My mom’s chili was pretty darn delicious. It was beef chili, but there was something about all those canned, sliced black olives on it.

Fried, omelet, or scrambled?
I’ve gotta say, I love a fried egg.

Tacos or burritos?
I’m gonna go soft taco. A meat-y taco with beans with guac.

Cholula, Tapatío, or another hot sauce of choice?
No hot sauce? Is that crazy? If I am going to do one…let me check in the fridge to see which one we have…Cholula.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee. I usually have just one cup a day. That’s it.

Bloody Mary or mimosa?
Definitely Bloody Mary.

Butter or olive oil?
Butter, always.

Favorite midnight snack.
I’m so not a midnight snacker, but sometimes I’ll get a frozen yogurt. For flavors: Vanilla or chocolate or coffee. And toppings? Granola, if there is any to be had.

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