Jennifer Lawrence Crushes the Hollywood Pay Gap In A Big Way

Jennifer Lawrence has made it no secret that she is infuriated by the pay gap in Hollywood and what better way to stick it to the man than earning more money than him.

The Hunger Games bad-ass has just become this year’s highest paid Oscar nominee – earning nearly twice as much as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jennifer has $52 million to her name, while the next highest earner was Leo, making $29 million. Matt Damon came in third with $25 million, and other woman Oscar nominees like Brie Larson, Saoirse Ronan, and Cate Blanchett did not even make the list.

Jennifer made her millions thanks to paychecks from the Hunger Games trilogy, upfront compensation for Joy and a profitable Dior contract.

But it comes as no surprise that is was Jennifer to top this list, after she penned an essay last year asking why she makes less than her male co-stars.  Jennifer has given us hope that more women will soon be topping the highest-paid lists – one of the Oscar issues is finally seeing light!