Jenny-May Responds to Complaint About Her Pregnant State Being An “Eyesore”

Lower Hutt resident John Rook called TVNZ presenter Jenny-May Coffin “an eyesore” in a letter published in the latest edition of TV Guide.

Rook has since apologised online due to the large amount of people commenting on his outdated point-of-view. On Monday, he said said he never intended to offend Coffin. He wrote,

“My personal view is it doesn’t look nice…Do you ever see pregnant air hostesses? Do you ever see a guy with a big gut on him on the TV?”

“Maybe I’m the only one brave enough to come out and say it.”

“This will come to most as too late but I sincerely mean it.

“I now regret having made my personal comments as it seems I’m out of touch with what’s now acceptable. I sincerely apologise to Jenny if it has caused any grief.

“It was my personal view and I should have kept it to myself.

To John A Rook who wrote this letter published in today's TV guide you should be ashamed of yourself…Jenny may coffin…

Posted by Sarah Waite on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Coffin responded via a post on her personal Facebook page:

“As a heavily pregnant woman I struggle with my own demons about my body changing shape but I choose to stay in front of the camera to encourage others to be proud of the job that we are doing – creating life,”

“It is a major privilege to carry and create a human being and in my case two. Just like it is a privilege to enter into your living rooms each weekend.”