Joico Brings Stunning Styles Inspired by Catwalks

We went to a Joico night earlier in the week at the Bluestone Room where they showcased a collaboration of texture, styling and some of the latest colour fashions for the season. Presented by Chinney Yeap of Dharma in Auckland (crowned Industry Awards NZ Colourist of the Year) and Lenard Johnson (Industry NZ Finalist for Hairdresser of the Year), there was a stunning line up of amazing styles inspired by the catwalks Milan with some amazing 60’s and 70’s influences. Shimmering reds and natural brunet colours utilising unique highlighting and cutting techniques made for some outstanding creations.

Check them out…


Joico-curly[columns_row width=”half”]



Joico-straight[columns_row width=”half”]
[column]Joico-couple [/column]

Joico[columns_row width=”half”]

Joico-black-is-in[columns_row width=”half”]

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