Jordan Opens Up About His Past Relationship with Chrystal

At the very beginning before Jordan Mauger could even hand out any roses, he was connected with Chrystal Chenery, a past bachelorette.

The two dated way back and looked super cute and in love, something we learnt from Chrystal who could not stop posting about her lost love.

Now, Jordan has opened up about this relationship with the Edge.

Jay Jay started the interrogation and it was good.

Not only did Jordan comment on how good he thinks he looked in the photo Chrystal posted of them, admitting “there was a bit more of me to love.”

The photo in question was of Jordan looking slightly rounder and was deleted of Chrystal’s Facebook page not long after she posted it. When asked if he asked her to take it down Jordan simply commented on the photo itself, “she likes to give me a bit of flack now and then and that is the kind of friendship we have.”

The two did not date for very long and were matched together through mutual friends.

Not long after they started dating they went to Vancouver together and that is when the “wheels fell off.”

He was entertained by her appearance on the bachelor last season, where she went in “full hog”.

Jordan is far from Chrystal now, with two girls seeking his love and a rose. He will pick his girl on Monday, until then find out how Erin feels about the romantic connection between her and Jordan.