Kanye West Just Talked About Taylor Swift With the Paparazzi

Every since his 2009 episode of bum-rushing Taylor at the Grammys, Kanye has had a one sided feud with Taylor Swift. He called out Swift on The Life of Pablo in a rather distasteful manner to which she slammed him at the Grammy Awards this year. Then an audio leaked about his backstage meltdown during prep for his SNL appearance.

In this video, paparazzi flocked to Kanye asking for a quote on Swift. “I want the best for that person, but it’s people going through real issues out here. It’s people that’s out of work. It’s people that’s in debt that can’t make it out of the debt. There’s people in debt that don’t have a shoe. There’s people that’s in debt that don’t have a hit album out, also. The media tries to make this ongoing story and everything for hits. I don’t think people care about me or her in that way. People care about they families, they kids. If you like my music listen to it. If you like her music, listen to it.”

He definitely goes off on a tangent that we don’t understand. We’re just hoping that this so-called feud ends. He blames the media, but he pretty much created this issue all by himself.