Kate Hudson And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Made The Most Flawless Brides This Weekend

Every year rom-com queen Kate Hudson celebrates her birthday in true, hot mess fashion. This year as the actress turns 37 she stepped it up a notch and was crowned queen at her hot-mess party, #weddingedition.

Kate and pal Rosie Huntington-Whiteley proved that they make the most glorious and flawless brides, even when trying to look like hot messes.

Getting crimped up on a Saturday ?

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It was some night ?? Love you guys ? #NothingLikeAJointBday #AprilBabies #AnnualHotMessParty #WeddingEdition

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You better be waiting at the alter @derekblasberg @rosiehw #RunawayBrides ????

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Happy Birthday to the ultimate hotmess @derekblasberg ❤️?#Hotmess

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If the Intstagram photos are anything to go by, the party was a night to remember!