Kate Middleton Revealed The Real Reason Why Prince George Did Not Join The Royal Tour

Mums around the globe dealing with the terrible twos, this news is for you.

Kate Middleton just revealed one of the reasons behind their decision to leave George and Charlotte at home, and it is one you will be able to relate to.

Kate and William brought George on their 2014 royal tour around New Zealand and Australia, but seems as he gets older the royal baby is becoming a bit of a cheeky child.

Following a safari excursion the couple met with elders at the community centre in Panbari. The community heads could not help but ask why they did not bring their children.

“Because George is too naughty,” the Duchess replied. “He would be running all over the place. The next time we come we will definitely bring them.”

Ahhh, the terrible twos.

Sure, there are probably plenty of other factors as to why the children are at home. But I am sure many parents of two-year-old children can relate to Kate and Williams decision.