Katy Perry Has Some Exciting And Slightly Strange News To Share

Whether you knew it or not, Katy Perry has spent the last few months trying to buy a convent for $14.5million however, two nuns have been crushing her dreams.

The two nuns have been trying to sell the property to Los Angeles restaurateur, Dana Hollister, for a crazy $15.5 million.

The whole thing sounds a little crazy, as you would think the highest bid would win. However, it all comes down to whether the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has the right to sell the property to Katy, or whether the nuns have the right to sell it to Hollister.

The exciting news for Katy is that she has come out on top! A Los Angeles judge blocked the nun’s sale to Hollister, so Katy is in the clear to buy it – so long as the nun’s do not appeal the decision…looks like Katy’s dreams of buying a convent are still a little iffy.