Kim Is Pretty Stoked With His New 21 Year Old Girlfriend

42 year old Kim Dotcom, who has been clinging to New Zealand for dear life since 2012 when police muffed up a raid on his property but still faces the threat of extradition to the USA now says he’s the “luckiest man alive :-)” and we can see why, smiley face and all.

I’m the luckiest man alive 🙂

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The internet Tycoon has found himself in a relationship with 21 year old student Elizabeth Donnelly, he announced last week. Their first date was reportedly spent in the company of his ex-wife Mona and their five children which sounds like a blast. They met 8 weeks ago after they started messaging each other via Instagram. “I’m in love. We’re in love. This is not some fling – this is serious.” Dotcom admitted. “I thought I would never love again. My heart turned ice cold after my separation from Mona. To love and be loved is what happiness is all about. I’m so happy that I met Liz and that I can feel those butterflies again,” Dotcom said. So what does Donnelly’s parents think about her being with an international criminal? She told the herald that “All my friends know and are cool with it. My family are fine with it, too.” The real kicker is for the guy Donnelly left, Harrison, who had just taken her on a month long holiday to Thailand, only to have her leave him a week before she fell into Dotcom’s voluminous arms.

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However determined not be made a cuckold Donnelly said via Facebook “Don’t fret. We had already parted company. And we all know we can’t trust what the Herald writes. As ever, I wish her all the very best.”

Which is fair enough.


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Pineapple & Poppies ⛱ ????

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Definitely not a Monday morning kinda person ???? ????

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