Kendall’s “Twin”, Kirby Jenner Is The Most Hilarious Instagram Mocker Ever

Thanks to Mic, we now know of Kendall’s “twin”, Kirby Jenner, who inserts himself into her perfect Instagram pictures. Whilst his Instagram account is quite modest, with 23 posts – he has racked up over 43 000 followers.

BroBible accurately described him as “just a random ass dude with a killer mustache and a doughy bod whose Instagram account is #onfleek.”

In a so-called “interview” with the Creators Project, Kirby said, “Kendall and I are pretty tight. We’re both super busy with our careers but still find time to hang out with each other. Our fav. thing is making ice cream soup together, haha. We take ice cream and melt it in the microwave. Ken-doll has the fanciest microwave, so it’s really fun. So glad she’s my sister. We also love meowing at each other. Like cats! Our house is crazy, haha.”