Kiwi Female Rapper Blasted By Vice

Ouch. Vice Media absolutely tore apart Hucci Luv’s (aka Sophie Jardin of Waitara, Taranaki) video Snatch recently, asking if “New Zealand had spawned a rapper from a deeper circle of hell than Iggy Azalea.”

The unnamed author proceeds to discuss the presence of muscle cars, motorbikes and twerking white girls, saying that these aspects of the video are racially and culturally appropriating.


However, many Facebook commentators are saying that the author is misogynistic, some pointing out that while the author is quick to detract from Hucci Luv and other white female rappers, no mention is made of white male rappers. It was also quick to come to light that the author went unnamed, something one commenter noted and said that”there’s a serious angry scorned undertone to this article. Someone with a personal grudge.. Unnamed author? RIP”

Jardin herself has spoken out saying that the majority of critics on Youtube were males.

Talking to The Herald, Jardin has said Snatch reflects the frustrations of being held down by male aggression and misogyny. On being a female rapper in a largely male dominated industry, she says “you have to own your sexuality and not be ashamed of being sexuality confident because a lot of men in hiphop will only look at you as either a slut or a hot chick. There is so much more pressure on a female.”

warning: not safe for work.