Kylie Jenner Explains The Touching Meaning Of Her Mysterious Arm Tattoo

Whether you love or hate Kylie Jenner, her latest ink is spot on. Kylie teased the new tattoo two weeks ago, revealing her latest body art on Instagram, which looked to be a tiny line of red script on her left bicep.

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Following the trend of her last few red tattoos, King Kylie’s new minimalist tattoo is not only cute and pinterest-worthy, but has a beautiful meaning.

The tattoo features her grandmother’s name, in her grandfathers writing. Paying tribute to both her grandparents, who could hate this tattoo? Kylie explained to a fan on Twitter that she “was close to my grandfather but he has passed. Wanted to honor both of them.”

Kylie took to Instagram to give us a closer look at her tattoo and to share the beautiful meaning behind it.

grandmothers name in my grandfathers handwriting

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on