Kylie Jenner’s Major Lip Gloss Controversy

When it comes to Kylie Jenner’s sought after Lip Kits, fans are completely and ridiculously obsessed, with everyone and their mum desperately trying to get their hands on the goods. All the products have sold out within minutes each time they’re restocked. You’d think that with all this hype, her products must be some of the best lipsticks out there right now. But life isn’t all smooth sailing as Kylie just hit her first business controversy – defective brushes in her new collection of lip glosses.

According to fans who bought the product, the applicator were frayed and mangled the moment they came out of the box, with bristles resembling Angelica’s beloved Cynthia doll on Rugrats.

One of the biggest criticisms came from Jeffree Star, a makeup artist with his own successful cosmetics line, and he was not shy to express his disappointment with the glosses.

Turns out he wasn’t alone, other customers also tweeted their own personal horror stories with the product and its damaged applicators.

Kylie’s company has since responded by promising to replace the faulty products and create new wands for the next lip gloss releases.