Lewis Road Creamery sells “Breast Milk” Outrages Critics

Lewis Road Creamery has started a new campaign to support breast cancer research. 20c from every 1.5 bottle goes towards research for the next three months. However the labeling of the milk has drawn the ire of the Breastfeeding Authority as the bold title on the front proclaims “Breast Milk”.

Chief executive, Julie Stufkens “We fully endorse breast cancer research but I don’t support mislabeling and I believe this is a form of misleading labeling.”

“There needs to be respect for human milk, it is a special product it’s not the same as cow’s milk so labeling the product as breast milk it’s not the same.”

Plunket advises that children under 12 months of age shouldn’t be fed cows milk and Stufkens is concerned that the labeling of the bottles will confuse some consumers.

The product does not contain any human milk and does not come from a breast but an udder.

Speaking to Fairfax Angela Weeks a spokeswoman for Lewis Road said that the labeling wasn’t intended to cause offense or to mislead anyone. “It clearly says ‘the cow’s milk that funds the cure’ on the front of the bottle and again references cow’s milk on the back,”

“It is stocked in the fridge alongside our regular range of milks, so we are confident customers will see it for what it is – a fundraising initiative.”

Human breast milk is currently not a regulated food in New Zealand and is unavailable for purchase in stores.

Lewis Road Creamery rose to popularity last year when they ran a campaign with Whitaker’s to create a chocolate milk which quickly gained a cult following and sold out. They may have upset the Breastfeeding Authority but they definitely know how to market a product.

Just as a side note we have some of the milk here in the office, Andre the editor of the men’s side of M2 says it’s “Quite nice. Very creamy.”