Lewis Road Creamery Turn Their Famous Milk Into Icecream

Lewis Road Creamery are finally launching their own range of ice creams and you can get your hands on them any day now.

You’ll start to spot them in the freezers this week, if you are quick enough, with the first flavours in their standard range being Vanilla, Chocolate and double Hokey Pokey.

In true Lewis Road fashion they won’t compromise on flavour, with full cream locally produced ice cream. Founder Peter Cullinane said “Every Dairy brand should have an ice cream and being a creamery ours needs to be the creamiest’.

The beautifully balanced flavours are developed in consultation with Julia Crownshaw of the Dollop Kitchen.

But it doesn’t stop at the standard range – just in time for Valentines day, they are bringing out the first of their Artisan range with the new Rose flavour. This one is truly luxurious. We tasted this with a nice Veuve Rose by the beach at narrow neck earlier today and it was spectacular.

Peter says they are developing other products for the range so look out for lavender and orange blossom from the artisan range coming soon.

We doubt they will last long on the shelves, or in your freezer.