Theme Your Home: Resort Retreat

Image from the Formentura Wallpaper Collection by Élitis, available at Seneca.

If an Island getaway isn’t marked on the calendar, making a few changes in the home can bring that holiday feeling to you. Look to the warmth and rustic nature of cane, walnut and carved teak while lush earth tones and pacific prints set the scene for a tropical escape.

Style Tip

Muted greens and blues add to the resort aesthetic but have a more appropriately winter feel.

1. Throw by Slowdown Studio $440 from everyday needs. 2. Tray by Notre Monde from $320 from ECC. 3. Rug by Dilana $4970 from Good Form. 4. Chair $690 from Citta. 5. Hammock $79.90 from Sunday Home Store. 6. Bench Seat by Rex Kralj $650 from Good Form. 7. Side Table $1149 from Nest. 8. Sideboard $3795 from Nest. 9. Print by Sofia Minson $950 from The Poi Room. 10. Print $95 from French Country Collection.