MacGyver to Return – as a Woman?

He was one of the most iconic screen characters of all time, and now a new hero is set to take up MacGyver’s mantle – but with one major difference.


MacGyver series creator Lee Zlotoff has decided to channel the spirit of the ridiculously resourceful secret agent for a whole new outing, but this time with a woman in the lead role. The new show will be about a female hero who embodies the kind of engineering skillsets that MacGyver had. Zlotoff said that he hopes this will inspire young people, and particularly young women, to go into engineering and the sciences.

As to what form the story will take? That could be up to you. Zlotoff is reaching out to MacGyver fans worldwide to define exactly what the show will be like. All you have to do is head along to The Next MacGyver website and submit your ideas. The 5 top concepts will get $5000 each and get paired off with a successful Hollywood producer to write a pilot script. The best one will be made and a new hero (probably with a penchant for creating ingenious methods of escape) will be born.

Considering the prevailing public perception of engineering and the sciences as a male domain, shows like this one may be one of the vital steps needed to establish gender equality across all occupations.