Make the Olsen’s DIY Conditioner at Home

Mark Townsend is a hairstylist who has an A-list client list – and he actually makes them an all-natural hair conditioner. He kindly shared the recipe with Allure so that we can all pamper ourselves.

Here it is:
• 1 cup raw, unrefined coconut oil
• 1 tablespoon jojoba oil
• 1 tablespoon macadamia oil 
• 1 tablespoon almond oil 
• 1 drop carrot oil (if you have dark hair) 
• 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

Whisk everything together in a bowl and then apply from the midlength to your ends. (Just be sure the coconut oil is soft before mixing.) He recommends using the conditioner as a mask or as a protective step before shampoo. “It’s very heavy, but it penetrates into the hair. Using it once a week is enough,” he says.

Townsend came up with this concoction while playing around with ingredients for Dove. (Note: He is Dove’s resident celebrity hairstylist.) Apparently all these oils have supersmall molecules, so they penetrate the hair shaft and really moisturize. The carrot oil is his one wild card. “I’m not sure if there any real benefits to it yet, but it’s just a great emollient—I love the way it feels,” he says. It’s not safe for blondes, though: “It will stain light hair orange. On brown hair, the stain just looks golden.”

The ultimate proof that it works, says Townsend, comes from his repeat customers. “When my clients ask for more, you know you’ve got a big hit,” he says.