Maps of the World Based on Breast Size, Manhood, Guns and Divorce

I don’t imagine many 17 year old’s spend their days being cartographers of data but designer Martin Vargic does.

In his latest book Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping out the Modern World he mapped the world to give us a snapshot on where we are in terms of important things like prison rates and boob size. Surprisingly Russia has the top spot for the latter and unsurprisingly the States loves it’s prisons.

My editor Andre just spent 5 minutes pouring over the map and proudly found a tenuous link (Editor’s note: Tenuous??) between divorce rates and boob size. I’d warn against this sort of attitude, correlation does not imply causation. Although it is kind of fun to do it anyway!

2F91088E00000578-3370266-This_map_shows_how_large_parts_of_Asia_have_the_smallest_penis_m-m-27_1450786682638 Average female breast size Divorce rate map Female Obesity  Map for Male obesity Maps of the world guns Prison mapMap fast food