Michelle Rodriguez’s Kiwi Road Trip

What do you do if you are a Hollywood star who gets yourself into a bit of hot water over a comment you make to the press? If you are Michelle Rodriguez you pack your helmet and you go on a motorcycle road trip in New Zealand – taking video footage of sheep while you are at it.

This is what happens when you hang out too much with sheep…

A video posted by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on

Rodriguez, caused a bit of a “fracas” last month when she suggested that minority actors should stop stealing “white” superhero roles. She apologised for the comment later but as is the way in this social media world – the comment lingered.  Luckily though the Furious 7 star was able to find some peace and quite amongst the New Zealand scenery on her 10 day road trip. In her Instagram updates she did warn about the dangers of hanging out with too many sheep but she seemed to find a solution to this by standing on her head on a picnic table.  

  New Zealand is the perfect staggeringly beautiful place to ride a motorcycle and stand on your head… So refreshing.   A photo posted by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on