Milo Changed Their Recipe And People Are Not Happy

Did you recently purchase a bag of Milo and found that it tasted kind of weird? Well, that’s because Milo has taken out the Vanilla flavouring that was previously used in the New Zealand recipe.

We’ve made a small change to our NZ recipe in order to focus on the four primary ingredients that make up Milo which are milk powder, malt barley, sugar & cocoa.

The result? Well, let’s just say some changes weren’t meant to be made ─ especially when you’re changing the taste of something as iconic as Milo, a comfort drink for so many New Zealanders since childhood.

People are definitely not happy, and on the borderline of rage.

“’If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ That’s the motto or haven’t you guys ever heard that one?”

“please change NZ milo back to how it was. the new malty one is crap. I’ve been drinking it all my 33 years of existence, but i’m not gonna buy it again if you don’t change back.”

“I have been drinking Milo since I was a little child, am so disappointed that you have changed the recipe of Milo, I now have 2 big bags that my children and myself will not drink as the taste is terrible. We have now changed to Cadbury drinking chocolate. Please if you change the recipe back advertise this as I won’t be buying any more if it stays the same.”

Generations of people have spoken, and the verdict is so bad that a Facebook page called “Change Milo back to the old recipe” was made in protest.