Miniature Miracle

Nano-technology has been a popular area for scientists and engineers to study in the past decade. Revolution Fibres, a New Zealand company, is bringing you this tiny technology through skincare.

To be launched in New Zealand later this year, their mask-like product ActivLayr is made using Hoki skin, sustainably sourced by Sanford, New Zealand’s oldest and largest seafood company. Using electrospinning, Revolution Fibres creates marine collagen and nanofibres that are 1/500th the width of a human hair. Then by weaving in bio actives from fruit, hyaluronic acid and Manuka honey, you get an incredibly effective anti-bacterial product that has been clinically proven to be anti-aging, improve skin elasticity through collagen growth and reduce skin care. This product has even captured the attention of the aerospace industry, and Revolution Fibres has tripled production to keep up with the demand for this powerful, 100% natural, hightech product.