Monkey 47 & The Gin Cocktail To Kick Off Your Night

We’ve got a well-balanced, easy to make, and refreshing cocktail for you to make this weekend, but first let’s set the scene for the main ingredient, Monkey 47. A drink is always better with a story to accompany it.

While we’re just getting into the swing of 2020, our story really goes back to the 1950s in a place called the Black Forest in Madras. Sounds like a fairy tale, no? Wing Commander Montgomery Collins had found himself in charge of the “Wild Monkey” guesthouse. Love had brought him here it is told. He was homesick, but it didn’t stop him from learning the local tradition of distilling fruit. To cure this longing for home, he married the local methods with his British predilection for gin. Thus, Wild Monkey was born.

You may be wondering what the “47” in Monkey 47 stands for. Well, that’s a simple one. Exactly 47 different plant ingredients have found their way into the “Monkey 47” recipe. The ingredients in Monkey 47 are made from 100% fresh plant ingredients, married with the soft water of the Black Forest.

The end result is an masterful gin with floral notes, tangy citrus freshness, a peppery spice mouthfeel, and a final subtle hint of cranberries. It’s going to go perfectly with what we’ve got for you next…

The Bramble

The Bramble, a mixture of gin, lemon juice, creme de mure, a blackberry liqueur, and simple syrup was an instant hit in England and it will for sure soon be one of your favourite cocktails, trust us on this one. It’s well-balanced, easy to make, and refreshing. Finish it, of course, with some mandatory blackberries. Cheers!


35ml Monkey 47
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Sugar Syrup
15ml Creme de Mûre
Blackberries and Lemon zest


Place the Monkey 47, lemon juice,
sugar syrup and Creme de Mûre into
a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice
cubes. Shake and then strain into a nice
tumbler filled with crushed ice. Garnish
with blackberries and a lemon zest.


For a classic G&T, try Monkey 47 Dry Gin with East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic and Cinnamon


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