Most Awesome Way To Pull Out A Loose Tooth Ever?

Having a loose baby tooth ready to go but not being brave enough to give it a yank yourself is something most, if not all kids and people who were kids once can relate to. Everyone’s probably heard of the old “tying a tooth to a door, then slam the door” trick, and quite a few of you have probably tried it, but these parents took the concept to a new level.

Little Addy here has clearly had enough of the wiggliness of a tooth ready to go, so her dad had a bit of a stroke of genius and tied her tooth to the bullet of a Nerf gun. Addy was given the pleasure of firing the gun and I absolutely empathise with her face when… Well, just have a look at this:

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Now we here in New Zealand have a bit of an aptitude for stupid creative ways to get things done, lets see what we can do in response to this! The bar has been set pretty high, but I have confidence.