My All Time Favourite Pamper Product As A Lazy Beauty Obsessive

The beauty industry has appropriated the addictive and delicious smelling drink that we have universally grown to love and depend on – coffee. Caffeine not only works as a stimulant when ingested, it is great for topical application as well. Commonly used as a microcirculation booster and cellulite reducer, caffeine is a natural active ingredient that is included in most cellulite treating creams.

Science journalist Núria Estapé wrote for the Healthy Skin Blog,

“This natural active ingredient helps eliminate localized fat, which it does by preventing cells from manufacturing certain fatty acids as it enhances metabolism. In other words, it helps to break down substances so that they can be more easily eliminated by the body.

The fact that caffeine also enhances blood circulation through the skin tissues helps dissolve localized fat, thereby draining, toning, tightening and enhancing the elasticity of the skin.”

Most caffeine included formulas contain only 3% of the substance. However, New Zealand company Evolu has a body scrub that has higher than average concentration with 20% Arabica coffee grounds – the smell is unbelievably good. I’m quite a lazy person, and I don’t exfoliate my body anywhere near as often as I should. But I’ll happily scrub-a-dub-dub to smell this drool-worthy scent in the morning. It’s a good incentive to get rid of my dead skin cells and other gross surface impurities.

It also contains Kawakawa leaf extract and Harakeke Flax, both active ingredients to calm, smooth and prevent your skin from dehydrating by binding the moisture in.

You should definitely get one before it sells out like their Monoï de Tahiti body butter!


Evolu Invigorating Body Scrub
Evolu Invigorating Body Scrub 200ml $34.99