Names That Mean Someone Is Probably Marriage Material

First impressions count for a lot, and names will be one of the first things people know about you in most cases.

A light study done by Siteopia using 2,000 adults found which names made the best wives and husbands. It asked people to take into account experiences and virtues they have tied to other peoples names as well as their partners. So it may not be so much people who made the best wives/husbands but more likely “people I wish I married instead.”

A spokesman for siteopia said: ”Every time we hear mention of a name we naturally associate particular values or impressions based on our past experiences.”

”It seems certain names tend to crop up more than others when thinking about the qualities of a good husband or wife and the lists no doubt make interesting reading to many.

”Of course, people shouldn’t be judged on a name alone, so while men like David and Andrew seem to be top of the pile, they’ve still got to uphold that reputation day to day.”

Top of the lists are Katie & David. People that narrowly missed out on being included in the top ten are Mark, Rob and Pete as well as Emma, Ellie, Nicole and Grace.

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1. Katie

2. Sophie

3. Louise

4. Sarah

5. Emily

6. Charlotte

7. Elizabeth

8. Amy

9. Jessica

10. Lucy



1. David

2. Andrew

3. Daniel

4. Paul

5. John

6. William

7. Simon

8. James

9. Chris

10. Stephen


”In both a personal and business context, whenever we first hear a name we immediately attribute certain qualities.”

At the end of the day, it’s not about names though. The person who’d make the best spouse is the person who’d accept you for who you are, despite your name being Guntha.