New Daily Show Host: Funny or Mean?

There is often a fine line between a funny joke and an offensive insult. Lately, Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah, who will be replacing John Stewart in the highly rated talk show on Comedy Central, has been under the spotlight for his tweets about Israel, Jews and women.

Some examples include:

His obviously very tasteful jokes on twitter have not been received well by the internet, and a growing number of people have been questioning Comedy Central’s selection for John Stewart’s replacement, some even swearing off the Daily Show.

However, Comedy Central has since only stood by their decision as they insist on Noah’s talent and suitability ─ noting also that web critics have been unfair to his character and his comedic talent.

In his defence, Noah has tweeted:

Has the line between comedic evolution and crudeness simply gotten thinner? Or were Noah’s tweets just blatant forms of disrespect?