NEW Kardashian beauty alert: Powder, contour and highlight kits

The queen of contour has subtly been hinting at her newest beauty item coming soon to her KKW collection. She has decided to create beautiful powder based kits that are available in various shades: light, medium, dark/deep dark suitable for a range of skin tones.

Each kit contains two highlighters, you’ll find one is gold based and the other is rose/pink based. Then below the highlighters you’ll find the bronzer and contour shades, one is warm toned and the other  is cool toned.

In her recent snapchat updates, she explains that the formulas of these powders are incredibly smooth and look easy to apply and blend. This will make the kit ideal for beginners or experts which is great!

A new brush comes with the kit too and is interchangeable with her previous contour and highlight sticks collection. The dual ended brush is ideal to use with this kit, one side is for bronzing/contouring and the other side is for highlighting. This is great because you don’t need to invest in special brushes specific for contouring and highlighting.

Still in her snapchat, Kim has said that these kits are expected to launch on 22 August that you can buy from her beauty website!

For us makeup lovers that can’t wait that long, here are some other kits that you can try in the meantime:

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  2. BECCA: Highlight/Lowlight pressed paletee
  3. Maybelline: Master Sculpt contouring palette
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