New Male Contraception will be the Best Solution

According to the Telegraph, new forms of male contraception are estimated to hit the market in a few years – and they won’t contain hormones.

Aaron Hamlin, Executive director of the Male Contraception Initiative wrote about the different types of male contraceptives that will be available.

Vasalgel is a non-hormonal male contraceptive owned by Parsemus Foundation, a medical research organisation. It is the first FDA approved male contraceptive since the condom and will hit the US market in 2018-2020.

One injection would last for years and research says that at least half of men would use it.

Vasalgel is a polymer that is injected under local anesthetic into the sperm-carrying tubes via the scrotum. It works by blocking the sperm and is reversible through a polymer dis-solvent in the second injection.

Millions of men get vasectomies and this procedure is much like it except it is not permanent.

Gendarussa, a non-hormonal contraceptive pill that has gone through phase II human trials in Indonesia. It works by preventing the sperm’s ability to fertilise the egg. “The researchers who developed the pill suspect that gendarussa affects the enzymes which allow sperm to penetrate an ovum. Without these enzymes working properly, the sperm will not be able to get through the ovum’s outer shell.”

From the US, the anti-Eppin agent will target the sperm’s ability to swim.

There are many other contraceptives that are being developed around the world with most of them being non-hormonal. This will help women immensely when we can avoid the hormonal side-effects of contraception. According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, due to human error, half of women who are on the pill have reported to forgetting to take pill at least once during their last cycle.

The annual pregnancy rate is thus 9% instead of the ‘perfect-use’ 0.3%.

When the male partner is supplementing to the woman’s existing contraceptive method, it will decrease the chances of unwanted pregnancy. If a couple uses Vasalgel, they don’t have to worry about forgetting to use the pill and the male will experience no hormonal side-effects.