New Zealand Woman’s Rant On Bra Sizes Goes Viral

Charde Heremaia, aka Memoirs of a Maori, was wandering through K-Mart looking for new bras and she was so offended by what she found that she took to Facebook with a video to record her trip.

Charde, who is a double-F, was disgusted in the options for “big titty” woman.

“I’m so OFFENDED that K Mart and other places feel that they have to give big titty girls granny bras”

“Sort your shit out bra companies…please I am really done with the black, cream and white bras. okay i want some pretty ones that don’t cost hundreds or dollars.”

Her video, which has gained over 400,000 views and nearly 4,000 shares, has received a lot of support from big chested woman.

Watch the video below.