No More Pascall’s Allsorts?

The world is changing and we have to move with the times, if you are a fan of Pascall Licorice Allsorts, this might be a hard fact to swallow as the sweets will soon be gone from supermarket shelves. Apparently, the colourful confectionary just isn’t as popular as it used to be according to Mondelez which owns the Pascall and Cadbury companies.

The demise of the lollies won’t impact jobs though at the Dunedin factory were they are currently made and it is likely that they will be replaced by something new. First Campbell Live, now Allsorts. Is nothing sacred? Unlike Campbell Live however, there are at least Allsort alternatives out there one of which being, the original Bassetts Allsorts which were first invented in the 1800’s.

Now that we have that important situation sorted, you can carry on with your day.