Not over Game Of Thrones yet? Now you can steal Khaleesi’s look

With Game Of Thrones not due to return until 2017, life can get a bit hard if you’ve got dragon fever. If you’re looking to inject a little Khaleesi in your life, there’s now a line of jewellery that would make the Mother of Dragons proud.

Inspired by the HBO hit series, the jewellery line is called MEY Designs and was created by three of the show’s costume designers Michele Clapton, Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom. For the brand’s debut 22 pieces were released – 4 of which actually feature on Game Of Thrones and the rest crafted with Khaleesi’s rebellious and fiery spirit in mind. Khaleesi is one of the strongest and most beloved characters on the show and while The Game of Thrones inspired jewellery can be found all around the web, this tie-in jewellery line is the first of its kind to be bestowed the honour of the official HBO seal of approval.

“Whilst working on designs for season 5, I realized that I wanted to create some unique sculptural pieces of jewellery for Khaleesi to help her visually express herself and her position within the story,” Clapton explained. “The purity of the white dress and pure silver of the neck piece was designed to visually remove her from the fight pit that she disapproves of. To set her apart,” said Clapton.

So what’s the price tag stealing Khaleesi’s look? Pieces in the collection range from $120.00 for a minimalist dragon scale ring to $2,730.00 for Khaleesi’s silver dragon necklace. But be warned, some of the necklace pieces are in such high demand that it may be up to 14 weeks before you can don the iconic look.

Still, what’s 14 weeks when compared to the long wait until 2017?