NSP Head Chef Shows Us How To Make Scialatelli Di Mare

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of witnessing how head chef of Non Solo Pizza, Enzo Carbone makes Scialatelli Di Mare from scratch. With his philosophy of making simple and authentic Italian dishes, Enzo shares this recipe that stems from his home town, Naples. It was absolutely mesmerizing to watch how much dedication goes behind one pasta dish at NSP.

You can either try and make it at home – Enzo made it look super easy, but it definitely wasn’t easy to roll that dough evenly – or you can just visit NSP and have the perfect pasta dish in their courtyard alongside a delicious glass (or bottle) of Poderi Crisci‘s Chardonnay.

Good luck!

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Ingredients (serves 10 people)


1 kilogram flour
40 grams olive oil
40 grams pecorino
4 unit eggs
15 grams basil
350 millilitres milk
10 grams salt


30 unit mussel
50 unit cockles
20 unit tiger cutlets — cut in half
30 grams California squid — cleaned
400 grams mix fresh fish
30 unit Campari tomato — seed removed
500 grams pomodorini di collina
100 grams rocket
100 grams zucchini — match stick
100 grams Italian parsley — whole
80 millilitres olive oil
5 cloves garlic — sliced
1 unit chilli — de – seed
50 millilitres white wine




The recipe Enzo shared with us is as simple as the following:

“Mix all the ingredients in a mixer and let rest for 30 minutes. Roll the dough 1.5 cm high and cut in ribbons 5 cm long and freeze loose.”

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Flatten down to 1-1.5cm with your hand before rolling

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Roll until 2-3mm thick before slicing into strips that are 5cm long

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“Fry the olive oil with garlic, chilli, tomato, shellfish, cover and then add the wine, fish and herbs. Remove the open shells.

Smash the tomato with a fork and at the end add zucchini and rocket.

Serve on the plate with the shell fish on the bottom and the combined pasta finish in the pan with the fish sauce on top.”

Enzo crushed the garlic with his palm and chucked it in the pan without chopping them up. Surprising right? The olive oil will carry the aroma of the garlic. You can take the garlic out at the end if you don’t like to chew cooked garlic.

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Cook the pasta for only 2-3 minutes.

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