Enjoying Premium New Zealand Gin Just Got Easier

The award-winning NZ gin label, Scapegrace, has come home with a brand new way to enjoy their selection and are sparing no expense in the process.

Ready for these summer heatwaves that are flooding over us now, they have released Scapegrace Perfect Gin & Tonic and Perfect Gin & Soda RTDs.

The beauty of Scapegrace’s offering is that it’s using actual distilled gin in the pre-mixer, rather than the palmed off gin-flavoured alcohol that you’ll find in most other brands. It’s also light on sugar with the Gin & Tonic containing just 2.4 grams and the Gin & Soda having absolutely none at all.

The Scapegrace & Tonic immediately provides refreshing orange blossom, which is quickly balanced with bitterness and juniper citrus, while the Scapegrace & Soda starts with the citrus oils of fresh lime seamlessly balancing with a classical long dry juniper finish.

RTDs usually gets a bad rap taste-wise, but we believe that Scapegrace has taken strides to improving that reputation somewhat. It’s been a hit in the office at least!

“As we use actual distilled gin in our pre-mixers, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to elevate the RTD experience.” says Marketing Director, Mark Neal.

“Elevating the RTD experience and making the brand more accessible felt like a natural progression for the brand. It just opens up so many occasions to enjoy New Zealand’s number 1 distilled gin”

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