NZ TV Boss Smashes Employee’s Desk with Mallet

A 49 year old TV Boss with interim name suppression who smashed an employees glass desk with a mallet has been discharged without conviction.

According to a summary of facts it all started when the boss traveled to London on holiday with her family for a “much-needed break” and ordered that she not be contacted. She was then repeatedly contacted at “all hours” of the day.

Upon her return to work she was enraged by her subordinate who had been in charge while she was away. “What are you still doing here?” she asked, right before she swung the mallet through the employee’s desk. If they’re using the same desks we use here at M2 her rage cost her about $300 bucks straight off the bat.

The employee was later unlawfully fired while she was on sick leave, shortly after her workspace had been vaporised. The Employment Relations Authority demanded later that the boss pay her $11,000 for lost wages and the victim’s hurt and humiliation.

A year after the event the boss commemorated the event by posting about it on Facebook.

According to The Herald “Judge Malosi said her initial action of dropping the hammer ‘fell at the lower end of the scale’ but her ‘continued taunting’ of her victim Dandi Wang had ‘moved to the medium level’.”

The boss has also taken photos of the inside of the court proceedings, something that’s expressly forbidden, and called the victim a “shameless b****” which helped the victim’s case of questioning the bosses authenticity in their apology during a restorative justice conference.

While the boss has applied for permanent name suppression Judge Malosi pointed out that she “had effectively outed herself on social media by writing about the criminal proceedings and employment decision.”

The judge also ordered the boss to pay the victim $5,000 for emotional harm.

If you sincerely wish to have name suppression maybe don’t advertise yourself being a dick on social media.