NZ’s Most Embarassing First Date

It always happens at some point during a relationship – the moment one person farts in front of the other. Usually though, it’s not on the first date. And never, ever, on a televised first date. Until last night.

In moment that exemplified our down to earth Kiwi manner, yoga instructor Poppy, one of the contestants on The Bachelor NZ, let slip a fart before breaking out in a short horrified laugh while on her first date with bachelor Art Green. She quickly owned up to the faux pas, joking about squeaky sand.

Social media, especially Twitter, exploded with comments immediately after the event – most of them in surprise, but some in support of Poppy’s straight up handling of what could have been an extremely awkward moment.

Poppy the Bachelor

In a medium that’s so highly scripted, with very little of its vaunted “reality” left, it was actually refreshing to see an honest human moment. Even if that moment was a first date fart.