Olivia Munn Has A Slightly Controversial Message For Women Everywhere

It is a pretty big call, but Olivia Munn thinks that all women should freeze their eggs. The actress was recently on Anna Faris Is Unqualified, which is the podcast of actress Anna Faris. The two got talking and Olivia had plenty to say about freezing eggs.

“I turned 35, then you’re high risk. I did, years ago, freeze a bunch of eggs. I went to the doctor and did the whole test and he said, ‘You know, you actually have a lot of eggs. You’re really lucky,'” she said, adding that a friend of hers the same age had “the egg count of a 50-year-old.”

“I actually started telling my friends about it,” she continued. “It’s no longer on the experimental list and I think that every girl should do it. For one, you don’t have to race the clock anymore. You don’t have to worry about it, worry about your job or anything. It’s there.”

The actress is currently dating NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and while she would like to get pregnant, she is planning ahead in case they were to separate.

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“It’s also just like, why not do it, because I see so many women who go through this,” she said. “Doomsday is now like ‘whatevers day,’ because I am, like, prepared.”

Of course, not all of us have money flowing in from movies so this is a little trickier to manage!