One Female Soldier Beats the Sexism of the Afghan Army

There is nothing easy about being in the military, let alone being a female soldier in a male-dominated environment.

They were shocked that my husband would let me go to Afghan on my own with lots of men

Staff Sergeant Kate Lord, who was sent to train Afghan troops, soared through the thick air of misogyny, ultimately landing herself with the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service. As a woman, Lord had many barriers to overcome before she won the respect of her young male instructors, beating their conservative perspectives and proving them wrong about their sexist stereotypes. “They were shocked that my husband would let me go to Afghan on my own with lots of men,” Lord told Huffington Post. “Then they started getting onto the physical aspects – because I am small they thought I was weak. I then had the challenge proving them wrong.”


Lord had it tough both physically and mentally, as she rose to level the treatment of each gender in the army. The obstacles of doubt and sexism only spurred her on to greater achievement, allowing her to perform with excellence. While she proved her skills and physical abilities, she also pushed for a female physical training facility in the military academy and wrote the training syllabus for female instructors. Of course, she also went on to insist that the training course for women should be integrated with that for the men. As a woman who has risen above the undermining energy of belittling men to become an icon of gender equality within military walls, Staff Sergeant Kate Lord proves to be more than deserving of such a prestigious award.