Outrageous Fortune Prequel: New Trailer!

It was the Kiwi TV show that bucked the trend of awful non-starters and brought our most loved crime family – the Wests – into homes all across the country. I’m speaking of course of Outrageous Fortune. And for those still mourning the loss of a great show, I have some good news: the Wests are back.

Westside is a prequel to Outrageous Fortune set in the 70’s, centered on Ted and Rita West. NZ audiences will be familiar with an older Ted West, played to perfection by the late Frank Whitten, but for Westside the role is the hands of David de Lautour (NCIS, Once Upon a Time) while Antonia Prebble returns to expand on her Outrageous Fortune cameo scenes as Rita.

There’s still no word on exactly when Westside will be coming to our screens but in the meantime here’s the new trailer to get you excited!