Pass on the Password

Fitness trackers and wearables may be the latest trend in keeping your health in check, but these nifty pieces of tech may now be used as a way to keep your online security in check too.

Gone will be the days of remembering complicated passwords requiring all combinations of upper case letters, numbers and special characters, as biometric data is increasingly becoming the safest way to protect yourself online. Originally designed to monitor your heart rate and activity, the company behind Motiv, the wearable piece of technology made to slip on your finger, have recently announced developments that takes cyber security to a whole new level. Creating a more secure digital identity, the Motiv ring is now equipped with the ability to act as a secondary layer of protection and let wearers forgo passwords with just a single gesture. By wearing the ring, it acts as a simpler “always on” way to log in, making the process fit easily into your daily routine. To make for an even more seamless login, Motiv have introduced biometric identification to the ring, using the wearer’s gait as a way to verify identity. Much like your fingerprints or face (which Motiv have also introduced as a security measure), your walk is a distinguishable identifier, unique only to you, meaning there is no need to remember long and complicated passwords. No more will we have to hit that ‘forgot password’ button again.