People Are Losing Their Minds Over These Bagels

Cake for breakfast, why not! Thankfully a bagel shop in Brooklyn has made our dreams a reality, creating bagels that look like they should have a pot of gold at the end.

Scot Rossillo from The Bagel Store, which specialises in “artistically created bagels of unique colour and flavor”, told The Telegraph he is struggling to keep up with demand and people are lining up around the corner on weekends to get their hands on this rainbow delight.

While Scot is keeping tight-lipper on what these bagels taste like, the Telegraph has given us a hint, reporting some people have said they have a “blueberry fruity flavour” and apparently taste like cereal.

With a selection of Nutella, cream cheese, rainbow sprinkles, candyfloss or cake mix as a filling, we are looking into flights now.

However, it is not just the final product that leaves us licking our lips. The video of how these bagels are made is mesmerising, and takes us back to our playdoh years.

Check it out, and try not to be hungry afterwards.