Perez Hilton Bans Talking About the Kardashians

The saturation point has been hit and fatigue with the Kardashians are growing. A few weeks ago a news presenter walked off set after he was made to report on them. Now recently Perez Hilton, celebrity gossip and fashion blogger has said that enough is enough and has called for a detox.

“Even I, as somebody who likes them, am starting to get sick of them,” said Hilton.

Everyone’s pretty happy with this move. Most of us don’t go looking for Kardashian news, it normally goes looking for us. The Kardashian’s aren’t so happy though, removing Perez from their twitter accounts (21st century excommunication.)

Interest in the Kardashians peaked  in 2011, although baseline interest has been rising ever since.

Ironically people like M2woman are reporting on the detox, defeating the point somewhat. I think we should be allowed a free pass, we’ve only mentioned them 5 times in the last year. That’s a healthy amount right? RIGHT?