The Perfect Lux Skincare Treat for Mum: Clarins Double Serum

Late last year, Clarins released the eight generation of their iconic Double Serum – a highly-anticipated release for the brand’s loyal followers. Housing 20 plant extracts and a new hero ingredient, turmeric, the Double Serum can be best described as an anti-aging concentrate that promotes better functioning and communication within our skin cells. Suitable for every skin type of all ages, it’s just one of those staple products that are super easy to implement into your existing skincare regime.

The 20+1 ingredients target the skin’s 5 vital functions: nutrition, oxygenation, hydration, regeneration and protection for softer, firmer, smoother skin. The turmeric is a super-antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that’s also a catalyst for inter-cellular communication, in turn, ramping up the effects of the plant extracts. An age-old medicinal root, turmeric can heal redness and swelling for those suffering from sensitization.

Comprised of a hydric (water-based) and lipidic (oil-based) formula that’s stored separately in an ingenious double-vial bottle, the duo blends on the skin once dispensed. In terms of texture, it would be considered top-notch. As opposed to a tacky feeling that a lot of serums on the market provide, the Double Serum feels incredibly silky and glides easily on the skin and the oil formula provides that sealing sensation to keep dry skin hydrated for longer. Another thing to note is that the Double Serum has zero product-pilling – a phenomenon that most women would’ve experienced during the post-skincare makeup-application stage. It’s mostly due to pumping out too much product that sits on your skin instead of getting absorbed. The adjustable dial on the new packaging helps you dispense the right amount of product – simply use the half pump in the morning and the full pump at night for night repair.


Clarins Double Serum can be purchased in store or online from Farmers.