Perfectly Matched Customized Foundation is Available in NZ

Following the opening night of Elizabeth Arden’s Boutique where I harrassed the Project Engineer, Steven Chin with questions on the custom colour technology, I had to come back and test this beautifully magnificent machine that will supposedly whip up a perfectly matched, customized foundation in my exact skin tone. This seemed too good to be true – but lo and behold, it held up its end of the bargain and I am now the proud owner of a bottle of my customized second skin.


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It’s important to note that there are only three of these patented Custom Colour Foundation machines in the world – and little New Zealand has one on Queen Street.


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Beauty expert and makeup artist Lidean Erasmus sat me down on a slick red stool and we started the process of creating my own personalized foundation. First off, she chose an area that was a true representation of my skin – due to skin damage, discolouration and pigmentation on the forehead, nose and cheeks, we selected the jawline.


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The spectrophotometer diagnosed my skin colour thrice to calculate the pigment levels, eliminating any inaccuracies that regularly occurs from store lighting and human error. From this, I could now manipulate any preferences such as making my foundation lighter or darker, enhancing pink or gold undertones, the finish type, and coverage level.


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Due to my oily skin, Lidean recommended the formula to be matte and I opted for full coverage with no other enhancements – we were going to stick to my true match.


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After pressing ‘dispense’, the four pigments filled up accordingly in the trial bottle with black, white, red and yellow. The mixture was whipped up in 20 seconds and voila, my own foundation with a labelled bottle.


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Now for the test! If I was unhappy with the colour, we could add the aforementioned enhancements. Not to worry – it was a slam dunk. The full bottle was formulated and churned out in less than a minute. The service and the boxed foundation costs $88, including the 7.5ml trial that is a perfect travel size. Trust me, it’s totally worth it to own a bottle of your flawless second skin.


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Before applying my new custom made foundation, Lidean used the alcohol-free Visible Difference Skin Balancing Toner on a cotton pad to remove any impurities from my skin and applied the Prevage Anti-aging Hydrating Fluid with a brush which felt so amazingly refreshing. On top of this was a light layer of Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturizing Primer and finally my Custom Colour Foundation.


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