Plus-Size Model Does Nude Beach Shoot For Body Positivity

Australian model Laura Wells did a naked photo shoot to encourage people to feel comfortable in their own skin. The size 14 model posed for photographer, Art Provocative. The photoshoot happened after she spoke out against the extreme extent that models go to in order to be skinny.

While she lived in New York, the agents of her fellow ‘skinnier’ model flatmates instructed them to have “one cracker and a couple of glasses of water.”



“When you are comfortable in your own skin it allows you to focus on things bigger than yourself and put your time and effort into making your world what you want it to be. You will never be 100% satisfied with your body and will always have things you dont like but those things should not take up your time and energy.
This photo was taken a little while ago when I wasnt 100% happy with my body. Looking back now I think how ridiculous it was to think like that. One thing I will never do is allow how I perceive my body to stop me from doing or achieving things. At the end of the day its your choice! ???????? #comfortableinourskin #wholelottaskin #beachbum #wardrobemalfunction #extracoldnips
#tb to @art_provocative”

Wells was scouted in 2005 while she was studying science and law in New York City. She is now an environmental scientist.

When she was scouted as a plus-size model, Wells thought it meant she was fat. But in order to be plus-size, you only need to be four to six times bigger than a regular model which is not as big as what people think.