Popular Fitness And Diet Trends You Should Steer Clear Of

It seems like there are always new fitness and diet trends available that claim they can change your life. With the popularity of Instagram over the past few years we are constantly flooded with diet trends and advertisements.

Some of these so-called ‘miracle’ diet trends sound almost too good to be true…and unfortunately, usually they are. And in a lot of cases the negative effects outweigh any positive ones.

Fit Teas/Skinny teas

Oh boy, these things are everywhere at the moment. If you use Instagram you probably have seen a lot of posts about them….

And while it seems like this magical product while give you washboard abs I can assure you it won’t. Always take advertisements on Instagram with a grain of salt. Remember that these models and celebrities who are ‘raving’ over these products may in reality not even use them. Or if they do, also have personal trainers, and crazy workout routines.

These teas claim to do a range of things from; weight loss, burn calories, detoxify your body, speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite and increase energy levels. Which if true, would be pretty darn amazing. But  the National Institutes of Health state that these teas are nothing more than a laxative herb. One that isn’t even proven to help weight loss. And use can cause stomach cramps as well as you needing to rush to the toilet a lot!

Prolonged use has been linked to heart problems and liver damage, yikes.

Weight loss pills

Another item which sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately most of these pills which supposedly help you lose weight and boost your metabolism actually have zero nutritional value. And can cause nasty side effects especially if used while taking other medication.

Waist training

Another commonly seen Instagram trend is waist trainers. But there has been a lot of debate about these devices in terms of damage they can do to your body.

Again, these devices cannot replace a healthy diet and fitness. Using Khloe Kardashian as example, she does a lot of fitness to stay in shape. It is not the work of the waist trainer. These waist trainers are not only downright uncomfortable but they put pressure on your lungs and other internal organs. This of course, can make breathing hard which is an especially bad thing if you’re wearing one while doing cardio. The long term effects are definitely not worth it.

Raw kale

Kale is often hailed as a super food. Used in smoothies and salads. While cooking or lightly steaming this vegetable is fine and it does have nutritional value eating raw kale can damage your thyroid gland. So try to eat cooked kale or limit you intake of raw kale.

A little bit is fine but if you’re eating it everyday it can result in an under active thyroid gland which causes weight gain as well as feeling lethargic. Everything in moderation!

There isn’t any miracle way to make you healthier and the safest way is still clean eating and regular exercise. Getting in shape does require hard work and dedication but you can make it easier by finding a form of exercise you enjoy. Try out a fitness class, or go for more walks and hikes. If you find an exercise that you enjoy motivation will be much easier.

There is no quick fix and your overall health is so much more important than finding fast methods to lose weight.


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